All beneficiaries can apply for a complex reintegration assistance grant to start their own business, enter into business partnership, subsidize their salary or finance on-the-job, vocational or language training. IOM will offer up to 2700 EUR in-kind complex reintegration grant to selected beneficiaries to undertake income-generating reintegration activities. Applications are evaluated and selected by IOM Budapest staff.

To apply for Reintegration Assistance you must be a beneficiary of the Hungarian Voluntary Return, Reintegration and Information Program.

  1. Application forms for Reintegration Assistance can be requested from staff/ social workers in migrant facilities, or from an IOM officer during his/her visit to a facility.
  2. Choose a reintegration activity you want to pursue and provide details of the plan, together with how such an idea will facilitate your reintegration in your country of origin.
  3. An IOM officer will meet you to provide counselling on your reintegration plan if needed. Contact your IOM local office in your home country for more counselling when you return. YOU CAN MODIFY YOUR IDEA AFTER EACH COUNSELLING SESSION AND AT ANY STAGE.
  4. IOM Budapest will review applications and choose ONLY those reintegration plans that offer sustainable, income-generating activities for the beneficiary, and the society.
  5. If your Reintegration Plan is chosen to be financed, you will be notified by a local IOM office in your home country, and further arrangements to enact your plan will begin.

For more information on the reintegration support, please call us on 06 80 205 018 or write to To apply for reintegration support, please contact us and our colleagues will be happy to provide you with individual reintegration counselling.