You are eligible to apply for IOM’s Hungarian Voluntary Return, Reintegration and Information Program (HVRRIP) if:

  • You are a refugee, an asylum-seeker or a person authorized to stay in Hungary and you wish to voluntarily return to your country of origin,
  • You are in an irregular situation in Hungary,
  • You have no financial funds to go home,
  • You have not participated in any other IOM program to return back to your country of origin in the past,

Factors that do NOT limit your participation in the program:

  • If you do not possess any identification documents,
  • If you need an escort/medical escort.

For Return Assistance

If you are in a detention center, reception center, or a refugee camp and have decided to voluntarily return to your home country with IOM’s assistance, you should request to fill out the application form for the Hungarian Voluntary Return, Reintegration and Information Programme. The application form has to be completed and submitted to the staff of the detention, reception center, or IOM staff. 
If you stay at a private accommodation, contact us for a personal consultation in our office in Budapest.

The completed application form may also be submitted to IOM in person at IOM Hungary office, additionally via email on the following email address: or   

If you have already submitted an asylum claim with Hungarian Authorities and have changed your mind and would like to return to your home country, you will need to withdraw the asylum claim.

For Reintegration Assistance

IOM seeks to assist returnees by providing reintegration assistance in the country of origin. The reintegration assistance component of this program offers – based on a need’s assessment – reintegration counselling and a reintegration grant in-kind from which the beneficiary can finance the various activities of a pre-defined reintegration plan.

In order to apply for reintegration assistance, the beneficiary should complete the Reintegration Application Form. Please request the application form from IOM Budapest once you submitted you application to HAVRRIP

The decision to provide a reintegration grant to a beneficiary will be made by IOM Budapest after taking into consideration the information compiled in the vulnerability assessment, the feasibility of the reintegration plan, and the availability of designated project funds.

It is important the contact details provided are correct in the application form as IOM will get in touch with you once this application form has been evaluated.

The provision of reintegration assistance is independent from your return. Therefore, if your reintegration plan gets rejected, the rejection will not affect your return journey in any way.

Due to the limited availability of financial resources, the reintegration assistance can only be provided to a limited number of applicants.

The typical scenario is as follows:

  • The beneficiary completes and submits the AVRR application form and Voluntary Declaration From to IOM
  • The application form is processed by the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing (NDGAP)
  • If the application approved, IOM Hungary Operations Department will receive a request to arrange return travel for the beneficiary.
  • Appropriate documentation for your return, including passport and transit visas (if necessary) are arranged with the help of the embassy/consulate of your country of origin.
  • A one–way flight ticket is purchased and IOM Budapest will make the necessary arrangements for transit and reception assistance if needed.
  • IOM Hungary staff will escort/transport you from your recent residence to Liszt Ferenc International Airport, additionally will guide you within the airport terminal till the departure point
  • If necessary, escort will be provided during the whole trip (for example, if you are under 18 years old or have a medical condition).
  • IOM office in your country of origin is informed about your expected arrival. If needed, IOM Budapest will make arrangements for you to receive onward transportation assistance to your final destination.
  • IOM staff will assist you with pre-departure and departure arrangements. A petty cash allowance of 50 EUR is to be provided by IOM staff upon departure.

Reintegration assistance is received after arrival in your home country (if applied for and awarded).