How long does the procedure take?

The overall length of the procedure depends on the individual case and factors such as the Immigration Authorities’ approval, the issuing of travel documents when necessary, availability of flights, and any special needs of the returnee.

Who can apply for the Hungarian Voluntary Return, Reintegration and Information Program (HVRRIP)?

  • Asylum-seekers and refugees
  • Beneficiaries of subsidiary and temporary protection
  • Non-EU nationals, who are staying in Hungary

Why should I return with IOM’s assistance?
IOM is a professional organization working to help migrants to return home safely and in an orderly and dignified manner. Return with IOM’s assistance is a humane alternative to deportation and is often the only solution for the migrants’ immediate plight. The travel is free of charge - IOM covers all of the travel expenses and may also arrange for an escort if necessary.

Which country shall IOM take me to?
IOM organizes your travel to your country of origin.

If I do not have a passport or other document, can I apply for HVRRIP?
Yes, you can apply, but in this case the process takes a little longer as appropriate travel documents must be obtained from the designated embassies before your return.

Can I use this return service again/more than once?
No, within the framework of this programme you can only return home ONCE.

What type of financial support can IOM offer to me?

IOM does not offer any financial support upon departure to the migrants. If the returnee’s reintegration plan is approved, he/she may receive in-kind grant as reintegration assistance.

What is the Reintegration Assistance?
The project aims to offer in-kind reintegration grants for beneficiaries should they meet the following requirements:

  1. Beneficiaries need to participate in reintegration counselling. This will help beneficiaries to find the best option of generating income in their country of origin, taking their training and experience as well as the local economic circumstances into account.
  2. Beneficiaries need to prepare and submit a detailed reintegration plan. The reintegration plan must include an income-generating activity to be pursued by the applicant. The applicant can choose from several options such as business start-up, business partnership, salary subsidy, on-the-job training and vocational and language training. It is possible to select more than one income-generating activity.

Am I eligible for Reintegration Assistance?
Utilizing IOM’s worldwide network, IOM has been providing reintegration assistance to third country national migrants voluntarily returning to their country of origin from Hungary. IOM strives to provide individualized voluntary return and reintegration plans to persons that contribute to sustainable integration into their community. Maintaining close links with other IOM project services in the country of return supports the transition from host country to country of origin. While reintegration support generally follows a validated standardized approach, flexibility remains an important aspect of the assistance provided.